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Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon

Tiny Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon

Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon at a glance Small and light: 30mm diameter, 10mm thickness, 7 grams Long time operation on CR2032: 18 months (30 year shelf life) Long range: 75 Meters with up to 120 Meters at max power Secure: Immune to wireless attacks Weatherproof enclosure with option on custom tooling Support of all major […]

MiniVNA Tiny


Last week I placed an order for the MiniVNA Tiny including the tuning kit. Next week I plan to get a training on the Vector Network Analyser in Berlin. I will try to get a sample of the inverted F antenna listed in my IoT M2M Cookbook. One of my book readers is living close […]

Details out of the IoT M2M Cookbook

GSM PIFA antenna mistake

IoT M2M Cookbook – latest news The latest version of the IoT M2M Cookbook made a big jump. I bought a GSM tester and made some measurement reports public. Mesurement report with GSM tester Such a GSM tester emulates a cellular based station. I explain in detail how to use the tester and which reports […]

The IoT M2M Cookbook with separate cooking recipes?

Touchstone import to Atyune. The markers mark the lower GSM bands and the higher GSM bands plus UMTS band

My IoT M2M Cookbook has now a nearly final version. It explains in details how to move from an idea for a wireless device to a product for mass production. Table of contents: 1    Why to write the IoT / M2M Cookbook?    5 2    Fundamental considerations before starting the IoT / M2M project    5 3    […]

Kostenfreie Schulung zu Wearables & Internet of Things

Cisco spricht von Geräten im Internet der Dinge bis 2020. Wie groß wird Ihr Stück aus dem großen, digitalen Kuchen? Mit welchen Funktechniken erreichen Sie ihr Ziel? Diese Schulung hat den Fokus auf Bluetooth Low Energy und 6LoWPAN. Es wird aufgezeigt, wie jeder ein eigenes, kleines, preiswertes, drahtloses “Ding” bauen kann. Kunden, welche vorab […]

Recall the Smart Home – Microsoft vision in 1999 versus Apple HomeKit

The vision of Microsoft came true. Nevertheless, everything is smaller than in the video. The screen on the piano and at kitchen plus the PC in the home office are merged together in one device called tablet or smartphone. Microsoft is out and Apple HomeKit is in. Apple got already the interest of Phillips Hue. […]

IoT M2M Cookbook

Eval board for embedded LTE antenna

How to develop a device based on wireless modules Table of contents 1    Why to write the IoT / M2M Cookbook?    5 2    Fundamental considerations before starting the IoT / M2M project    5 3    Certifications and approvals    6 3.1    Examples for Radio approvals in EU and US    6 3.2    Examples for Radio approvals in US   […]

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